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DingDong Championship

DingDong is a unique sport discipline that we have put together and refined for the full satisfaction of all participants. Imagine knife throwing but completely safe and much more fun!

We have playing systems for laymen and league players alike. You will practice your willy throwing technique with us, choose the right game strategy, make a good shot and you can become a world champion in DingDong. In a relaxed evening atmosphere, friends or work colleagues step up to the board and throw willies around each other. 

We guarantee you'll be laughing your heart out! The championship begins with a fair bit of clown training.

How does it work?



If Bimbárium is going somewhere with the whole circus, it would like to make the most of such a day, i.e. we expect to work hard all day.

Ideally, in the morning we will build the arena, lights, sound, flamethrowers, and everything necessary.


A lecture about willies

In the early afternoon we start with a short but informative lecture on the coexistence of willies and humans in the history of mankind and also about the coexistence of the Bimbarium and the simultaneously available willies!

PART 1 - History of willies

Bimbarium found evidence in the annals of humanity that people have been engaged in the production of willies since time immemorial, so to speak. Willy is proven to be one of the longest depicted icons since prehistoric times and has a rich history of up to 30,000 years. (Length 5 minutes.)

PART 2 - Museum of willies

Since the beginning of the ages of Bimbarium, we have been looking for the most optimal material suitable for the DingDong game, preferably at a reasonable price. In this way, we gathered a lot of valuable experience and found interesting pieces for the Museum. A wide variety of sizes, colors, weights, materials and, last but not least, evidence that not every suction cup is the same. That's how the Willy Museum was born! You have never seen so many kilos of willies together in your life! (Duration 10 minutes.)


Willies in the hands of clowns

Demonstration of the entertainment potential of willies in the hands of throwers - professionals. You will see unique circus acts and exotic throwing techniques - without exaggeration, the pinnacle of the contemporary willy scene! (Duration 10 minutes.)


Demonstration of permitted throwing techniques
and rules

A detailed demonstration of the three basic techniques of the willy throw and their use in the game. Familiarization with the rules of the DingDong game and the behavior protocol of behavior in our arena, fouls and unauthorized verbal transgressions. Followed by a demonstration game. (Duration 15 minutes.)



When everyone is familiar with the rules and principles of DingDong, we will start with the throwing technique workshop and guided training of the participants. The Bimbárium team will carefully explain and help all interested parties master the throwing technique and suck their first willy on the board! (Length 60 - 120 minutes.)


DingDong Championship!

Now comes the championship itself. Beginner students entering the game table become competitors and future rivals for the title of DingDong champion!

The common form of the championship is a classic elimination table in a spider format, with each player playing for themselves.  If a more generous time unit is available for the championship, we will form teams from the players. (Duration 90 - 120 minutes.)

Bimbárium DingDong championship šampionát
Bimbárium DingDong championship šampionát
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