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Bimbarium at Mongoll Rally 2022
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Circus without prejudice

Throw a willy!

Bimbarium originated as a circus joke; a clownish bimbastic take on the discipline of knife throwing. Today it is a platform for conscious work with shame and the illumination of myths in interpersonal relationships. All this in an amusing way that is ridiculous, if you will.

Our life and professional goal
is to expose taboo

The depiction of human nature is stigmatized today.

We say willies don't suck. They are a natural part of our lives, living or rubber. Here we play with willies without disturbing sexist undertones. You won't find anything obscene in our arena.

Overcoming shame with a willy in a hand

Our most effective tool is the interactive game DingDong: a clown variation on the circus discipline of knife throwing. Where the knife has a dangerous sharp tip, our willies have a safe suction cup. DingDong can be played by anyone who doesn't faint from shame at the sight of a willy and can throw it at least 2 meters. 

DingDong is addictive!

We enjoy it,  but the joy would be half without you, so you are gladly invited! 

We have playing systems for laymen and league players. Whether you meet us at a festival or a private party, we will be happy to teach you the techniques of throwing. You'll practice your technique, choose the right game strategy, hit well, and you can become a world champion. Our sophisticated teaching system will reliably prepare you for the championship and you will be able to suck (onto the board) your first willy in just a few minutes of honest effort.


You won't experience this anywhere else in the world.

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